Project Overview

Mint Details

  • Supply: 6,666

  • Price: 2 SOL

  • Mint Date: June 20th 2022

  • Sold out in 3 minutes


The NFT market is oversaturated with projects fixated on quick returns and short term success. Udder Chaos is built on a sustainable business model, allowing us to continually generate income regardless of sales. We want our NFT to be held for years instead of just a few months.

Udder Chaos has invested in Solana infrastructure as a stable source of revenue while also branching out into a few other areas for accelerated growth. Additional utility includes NFT rentals, RPC rentals, raffles, loans, a marketplace, merch and is always expanding. All revenue earned by the project is re-invested in the project. A full breakdown can be found in "Fund Allocation" but in-short, a majority of funds are invested in a stable revenue stream.

As an additional utility, we are launching Alpha Audits, a review-to-earn platform for NFTs. Similar to Google Reviews, Yelp, and Rotten Tomatoes, users will be able to review projects and get rewarded. To prevent review manipulation, reviews will cost a small amount of our token $MILK, all of which you will get back if you have provided an accurate review. For more details, checkout the Alpha Audits section.

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