RPC Rentals

What is a Solana RPC used for?

RPC's are used to provide communication between the client and the validators (what processes your transactions). RPC's are mainly used in development and bots but Phantom is working on integration. Whether you know it or not, you are currently using an RPC in every transaction you complete on SOL. Most of the time this is just using a public RPC node. The benefit of using a private RPC node is that your transactions are not being processed alongside as many other transactions as it would on a typical public node. Less Competition = Faster Transactions. This is specifically useful in times of congestion or when you are trying to process a lot of transactions. In the case of a bot, this could be the difference between sniping an NFT or not. If you are trading SPL tokens (MILK, DUST, USDC, SOL, BONK etc.), it could be the difference between a slight price slippage costing you a percent or two more than it would have if your transaction was processed faster.

How do I rent it?

Currently, you join our RPC discord (https://discord.gg/ryT6MsCg) and then open a ticket. Jake, the founder, will respond directly to your ticket within 24 hours to get you set up. The current price is 6,000 MILK a month. An important note, RPC rental rates will be increasing in the near future to 25,000 MILK a month. Anyone that is a current subscriber will keep their rate of 6,000 MILK a month, where all new users will pay 25,000 MILK a month. There will also be updates to how the rental process works and information about that will be posted in the discord and this page will be updated.

How does the cost of the RPC compare to the value it provides?

I've attached the invoice below, alongside the transaction of the invoice being paid. We paid a promotional rate $4800 USDC for unlimited RPC usage for the year. To make this a profitable investment, we have to absorb $4800 worth of MILK. At the time of writing, $4800 USDC would buy 1,811,977 MILK. To date, we have already brought in roughly 1,250,000 MILK and are well on pace to exceed the value of our RPC rental. We will also be making some improvements to the QoL when it comes to renting the RPC to increase our user base.

Additonal Details

RPC Rental Purchase for 1 Year (https://solscan.io/tx/3zpFjyZMszXe4S4mbGx7XgZ2kK8txDB82uh7ja8BaZe9WaHw8jJA4uB7B7Ky35F6CM4XefJt62XWuwyNzdWhaqJj)

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