The following roadmap outlines previous goals along with current goals for the project. Some
  • Apply for grants through the Solana Foundation to reduce the cost of launching the validator
  • Mutator mint passes earned by active community members
  • Mint 6,666 NFTs using Solport's (Taiyo) launchpad*
  • Listed on secondary marketplaces (
  • Staking released within 24 hours of mint
  • Deployed validator to Solana Mainnet with in 24 hours and staked 7,000 SOL from mint
  • Launched RPC rentals in MILK
  • Launched NFT rentals in MILK
  • Airdropped staked holders Barns, a staking boost
  • Integrate a social royalties solution ( No royalty payment = No staking earnings )**
  • MILK Market initial release
  • Merch
  • Alpha Audits beta release
  • Onboarding Experience
  • Project to Project (B2B) Revenue Streams
  • Improved RPC rental experience
  • Additional utilities added to Alpha Audits
  • Mootator Collection
  • 0% staking commission for holders


Roadmap Information

This is only a brief overview of what we would like to achieve. In a very fast changing market, we want to remain flexible and take advantage of any arising niches. We may add new things to the roadmap on short notice (such as a royalties solution).


*Altered mint goal. Initially we planned on minting with a Candy Machine but felt that too many rugs were happening at that time. To ensure our investors that they were safe, we chose to use a launchpad. The first launchpad was unable to deliver and we moved to Solport to launch our collection. Regardless of the issues faced, we were able to find a resolution and still mint out in 3 minutes. ** Our royalties solution was voted on by the community. It was not initially on the roadmap, but it was something we decided to bring to a vote to see if it was worth adding to the roadmap. As soon as the vote passed we worked at finding a solution and after finding one, another vote solidified the decision to go forward with social royalty enforcement.