Validator Funding

Where do validator profits go?

  • 50% is reinvested in the validator

  • 25% is invested in token value

  • 25% for team and expenses

The 50% reinvested into the validator is to compound and continually grow the amount that we are earning. We are accumulating as much SOL to self-stake to stablize the growth of our project and ensure long-term success. We aren't thinking about a month or two from now, we're thinking 10-20 years from now. The other 25% invested in token value and 25% invested in team/expenses are broken down further in the Royalties section.

How does validator stake increase?

Our validator stake is consistently growing from royalties and compounding earnings. 50% of all royalties are contributed to the validator, and we are reinvesting 50% of all validator earnings. This is to consistently grows the payouts and creates more revenue for the project.

As long as SOL exists, our validator will be growing and earning more and more. If you're expecting the value of SOL to increase, we're the perfect project for you.

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