Getting into a new project, especially one you don't know anything about can be a stressful process. Let's break it down. First the value of the project and then your first steps as a holder.

Thinking about joining?

Our project is built on a sustainable business model, relying on a Solana Validator for the foundation of the project. Learn more in Udder Chaos Validator. A basic overview is that we invested over half of our mint proceeds to gain roughly 8% APY in SOL. This creates a steady stream of revenue to continually invest in the growth of Udder Chaos. With a safety net, we can expand into more lucrative revenue streams with no concerns of failure. This creates great opportunities for the project to increase the value of the NFTs, with minimal risk. Holders also earn our SPL token MILK by staking their NFT. This rewards our dedicated holders by granting them access to services at no cost. By continually adding new services/utility, we also raise it's inherent value. If none of the utilities interest you, there is always the option to sell your tokens on an exchange. Holders earn 20 MILK per day! December 31, 2022 Value MILK - $0.00077703 Udder Chaos NFT - $18 20 MILK per day - 7,300 MILK annually APY 31.5% MILK is designed to be a utility token, so if you choose to use it for utilities you have the potential to gain even more value out of it. MILK currently can be used for RPC rentals, NFT rentals, and raffles. It was also used to mint a comic book NFT and will be used for merch as well. You can see more on the future of the token in Tokenomics. It's important to note that the project does occasionally deviate from our planned roadmap, but only if holders agree on the change in a vote. We will NEVER spend excessive funds or make major decisions without a vote.

Most Important Steps for New Buyers

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