NFT Rentals

Rent NFTs to get the utility you need whenever you need it. This is a great option for someone who only uses an NFT sniping bot once in a while or for someone who is looking to try before they buy. This is an extremely low cost alternative which also makes it a great option for those on a budget.

Rent NFTs here:

The rental treasury is still using funds from 7ThGUd....s6bPyLdsS, but is kept separate for easier management of the rental treasury. The rental treasury is managed from F65oeX....59RfpK6.

Treasury Holdings

Why Start a Rental Treasury?

Starting a rental treasury was a relatively simple decision because it would be investing in utility based projects. They hold a relatively stable floor price, and see upswings with new updates/releases. Even if they just hold their value, the project gains value off of them by renting them out for $MILK. A great example of rentals providing value just by retaining their value is our Rarikey rentals. They have retained their purchase price but have been rented out a ton, resulting in several SOL being collected by each Rarikey. If we were to sell the Rarikeys today at the price we bought them for, MILK would have gained a ton of value at absolutely no cost to the project.


There are still risks associated with the rental treasury, but they are managed by diversifying our rental treasury portfolio. For example, one of the projects we invested in was extremely popular in terms of rentals. It was being rented enough by itself to offset the daily token emissions, resulting in an upwards trending price for MILK. Unfortunately the founder of that project made some decisions negatively affecting rentals which stopped them from being rented. That project has since been bought out and removed from our rental treasury for the time being until more information comes from the buy out. This resulted in us holding NFTs that cannot be rented and have decreased in value. While this negatively affected MILK, as it no longer was matching emissions, it still brought it a significant amount of SOL worth of MILK during the time it was able to be rented. Enough to still have us net positive if they went to 0. Even with risks, our rental treasury is a relatively safe investment to bring in MILK. We have continued to diversify our investments into other projects and other utilities. This leads us to being less reliant on one specific collection controlling the value of MILK. The more MILK revenue streams, the more stable MILK will be. If we are able to consistent bring in more than what we are sending out, MILK will steadily climb in value.

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