From the beginning of Udder Chaos, we have had a goal of not being reliant on royalties. That said, royalties are a very beneficial additional source of revenue. After putting royalties to vote, holders voted on a declining royalty structure and staking enforced royalties.

Where do royalties go?

  • 50% - Validator Self-Stake

  • 25% - Increasing Token Value

  • 25% - Team (Subscriptions, Salaries, etc)

100% of royalties are being reinvested into the project. Even the 25% that goes to the team is investing in the project. The team portion covers discord nitro subscriptions, server boosts, discord bots, development costs, pay for dev contracts, moderators and a salary for the founders. This enables the team to work full time on the project. While the value brought in is currently quite low because of a volume, as the project builds momentum, the team portion of royalties will allow us to expand the team and continue scaling up. The 50% validator portion, increases our validator self-stake which creates a consistent revenue stream for the project. More details can be found in Validator Funding. The remaining 25% that goes towards increasing token value is invested into many different utilities. For full details check out $MILK Tokenomics and all of the sub-categories.

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