Team and Doxxing

Jake has a background in game development and a B.Sc. He entered into NFTs and web3 when looking to expand into play-to-earn games. In game development, he has worked under some contracts for some notable companies such as Samsung, BBC Studios, Epic Games, Gen G e-sports, and Manticore Games. He decided to establish his own NFT after seeing a lack of utility and sustainable economics in a majority of NFTs being launched. You can see this past work on his personal twitter (

Yaz, originally the artist, has moved into a community management role. She understands the importance of community, marketing, and the utility of an NFT project. We understand that a doxxed team may be an important aspect of a project for some, and we have decided to be doxxed by Alder Mages. Not only that, but we already went ahead and got RadRugs certified. We will be getting another review from RadRugs closer to our mint, as a lot has changed since our last review. We are aiming to improve our RadRugs score to become one of the highest rated projects.

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