What is Alpha Audits?

*Section will be updated closer to the release of AA to reflect all of the current information Alpha Audits will be a variation of a token curated registry (TCR). In short, a token curated registry is a list in which users back their vote with a token. If they are on the majority side of the vote, they split the tokens of the losing side of the vote. You can learn more about TCRs from an article written by CTJ [1].

Alpha Audits will have a slightly different structure from the standard TCR. Here is the structure of how it will work:

  • Small voting fee paid for each vote/review

  • All reviews within 1 standard deviation will be rewarded (I'll explain further)

  • The results provide only the data within 1 standard deviation

  • Scores range from 1 to 100

  • Projects will be ranked according to numerous sub-categories, but also receive an overall score

Data within one standard deviation is a collection of 68% of the data around the mean (average). By rewarding anyone within one standard deviation, we are removing the outliers from the data set and reducing the chance of voting manipulation. Our voting fee also mitigates voting manipulation. Anyone identified to be manipulating votes will have their votes removed and not be returned any of their voting fees.

[1] https://medium.com/@crashtestjustin/what-is-a-token-curated-registry-and-why-you-should-really-care-9b70ae85eb13

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